Divorce and separation can be some of the most difficult events in a person’s life. While family lawyers in Melbourne can help you to navigate these transitions, it is important to know about how best to broach this conversation with your partner.

Let’s look at six effective tips for discussing divorce and separation with your partner.

1.    Remain Calm And Collected

Tell your partner that you have been thinking about separating for some time and that you would like to talk about it. Remember to be as kind as the circumstances will allow. Even if your partner expects the news, divorce, and separation are never easy things to talk about.

It can also help to prepare something to say ahead of time with the help of professional family law firms like Rockwell Family Law. This will ensure that, in the midst of all the emotions that will come up, you are still able to get across what you want to say.

2.    Try To Avoid Blindsiding Your Partner

While in some cases your partner may be completely unaware of your desire for a separation or a divorce, there is always the chance that they may not be on the same page. Blindsiding someone can emotionally devastate them and create more difficulties later on when you try to reach an agreement about long-term arrangements.

3.    Choose The Right Time And Place

Make sure to give some thought to where and when you are going to break the news to your partner. If both of you have been openly hinting at divorce or separation for some time, then this may be less important. There is never a great time to start this conversation but avoid piling more emotional strain if there are other major life events happening in your partner’s life.

4.    Do Not Dive Into Details

If you are broaching the subject of divorce or separation with your partner for the first time, it is not effective to start talking about what the details of the new arrangement will be. Let the news sink in and give your partner time to consider what you have said.

5.    Tell Your Kids Together

Regardless of what disagreements exist between you and your partner, it is always important to act with the interests of your children in mind. In the ideal scenario, the best way to inform your children about a separation is to do so together, unless your partner is abusive, in which case it is important to consult with a family law firm for guidance.

6.    Consider consulting a couples’ counselor or psychologist

All of these matters are sensitive and often more difficult to execute in practice than they sound on paper. In many cases the end of a relationship can be best managed with the assistance of a professional such as a couples’ counselor or a psychologist.

Ask Professional Family Lawyers For Help

These six pieces of advice are all effective entry points for broaching the subject of divorce or separation with your partner. However, sometimes it can be difficult, even when following this advice, to find the right way to get the conversation started. If you are struggling to move forward, contact our professional and knowledgeable Rockwell Family Lawyers to get the help you need.

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