Family Law matters, such as separation or divorce, are uncomfortable at the best of times, made all the more stressful when it comes to how to fund the legal action required to arrange a fair settlement.  Often a couple’s money is tied up in assets – either a property, business or a trust, and sometimes in the name of one person but not the other. 

Are you currently in the process of a divorce, property settlement or other family law matter, and worried about how to finance upfront for your legal representation? 

To give you the best representation possible and to ensure an even playing field, we work with a leading family law finance provider, which offers you the easiest, most flexible and fairest way to fund your legal needs.

How family law finance funding makes fair legal representation possible.

From the start, your legal team will need money for research, consulting with you, negotiations, legal documents, handling of the settlement, a mediator and (to be avoided if at all possible) fees for court proceedings and a barrister to represent you in court.

Securing finance for all this can be a frustratingly closed loop: To get fair settlement on a property, you need available money from the start, which you don’t have because your finances are tied up in the property.

Hopefully the process will cost less rather than more, but when people experiencing strong emotions are involved, both time and money needed are somewhat unpredictable, and funding for the unknown is extra stress that you don’t need. 

People in this situation may approach their banks to take out a personal loan or use their credit cards which usually means high interest rates, to fund their legal fees.

This often puts the person with less income or access to funds in a vulnerable position, as the one with the money can simply drag the case out.

For the legal process to be fair, it is important to secure representation without being hampered by the spectre of financial barriers.

What is Family Law Finance Funding?

Family Law Finance Funding is not an up-front loan, but a line of credit secured by the amount that your claim to the overall assets of the relationship are worth, and then taken out of that settlement amount. That is, you get legal representation first, and pay only upon settlement.

Throughout the process, any legal costs are added to the account as and when you need them, so interest fees accrue only for the amount and from the moment that each item of work is invoiced to you.

Payments are made directly from the funder to the provider of the legal service, so it does not involve handling of any money by either party in the case. This is easier for everyone involved as well as removing the potential for mishandling of money.

How Rockwell Family Law can help

Rockwell Family Law is an approved Family Law Finance Funding Partner. Our past and current clients have and continue to benefit from Family Law Finance Funding, we understand the process involved to ensure that your application can be processed in the quickest time possible. We are experienced in supporting our clients should they wish to pursue finance through a Family Law Finance Funding supplier.

Rockwell Family Law is dedicated to our cause: Helping our clients achieve the best possible outcome.

When it comes to separation, your wellbeing is our priority, so we ensure as smooth and stress-free a process as possible. Starting with equity of legal access, right through to the best outcome for you and your family members, we aim for your better future.

As each case is different, we adjust to your needs. We are there for you when and how you need us, and have successfully negotiated cases from the simplest to most complex, from “regular” to unique.

Working with empathy for our clients enables us to see where the inequities in a case may exist, and as our aim is justice for all, we do what we can to make sure each party has fair access to legal services.

Legal Funding is a strong and positive step in saving people from stress and uncertainty, while giving people equitable access to justice.

Who is eligible for Family Law Finance?

To be eligible for Family Law Finance, firstly you need to have been in a long-term relationship. At the centre of the dispute there needs to be a property, but in some exceptional cases it may be another asset, such as a business or family trust. 

The amount this fund will cover is based on the value of the property and how much claim you have over it, so on a case-by-case basis, the minimum amount is dependent upon the potential costs to pursue the case.

Approval is decided in a matter of days, not weeks as a normal loan might take. This allows you the relief of knowing that the case will be started and resolved sooner rather than later.

With our preferred loan provider, there is no minimum amount to be eligible for Family Law Finance, there are no additional monthly fees, and approval is within 48 hours to 7 days of application. This is a huge relief to those awaiting financial approval, who would otherwise have to wait up to 6 weeks to know if they can go ahead, get it settled and move on with their new life.

With another of our providers, approvals can be provided in urgent circumstances in less than 24 hours.  This funder will also help meet accommodation, bond, payroll and other costs other funders won’t consider. 

Choose Rockwell Family Law, for exceptional legal service and dedication to your future.

Divorce or separation is a tough time, made harder for the stress of finding the money to pay a lawyer, and we are conscious of the unintentional pressure this can impose upon people to accept a  low-ball offer when justice says they should receive more.   Legal funding solutions can help remove some of this pressure to ensure a fairer outcome to people.

Enabling access to finance for your matter is just one of the many ways in which we live out our aim of working with you to resolve your matter fairly, and to give you your best possible future.

Call us today to find out more about what options are available to you when working with Rockwell Family Law, to help you to get the fair legal process you deserve.

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