“We carry on our mission of helping others through service as family lawyers. We have a deep commitment to achieving the best outcomes for our clients, always recognising that the path to resolution of a family law dispute is one accompanied by pain, grief, fear and hope. The strength our clients show in  persevering despite the obstacles they face, is a source of inspiration to us.”

Allyson Gagliardi

Allyson has been practicing in family law for over 20 years, starting her Family Law career in 2003.   Throughout this time, Allyson has devoted her time to servicing family law clients, guiding them through some of life’s most difficult times.

Having experienced family separation as a teenager, this has enabled Allyson to empathise and support her clients on a true human 2 human level.

“I had felt and witnessed pain and fear at that time and found myself wanting to help others experiencing the pain and fear of family separation in a way that would mean, as a lawyer, I could bring them through that process as in-tact as possible.”

Allyson brings patience, tolerance, understanding and kindness in helping clients achieve their best outcomes and protect the best interests of their children.

Allyson holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (media and law) from Griffith University, and graduated the Legal Practice Course at the end of 2000, Bar Practice Course in February 2001.

Allyson is also a qualified Solicitor Advocate, allowing her to represent her clients in court.

 Allyson’s love extends to her fur-babies, who are often seen attending online zoom meetings with her clients.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Results focused outcomes so you can move on.

Allyson Gagliardi handled my family law matter and could not recommend her enough. She was highly professional, compassionate and efficient. Even though everything was done online and via phone- the process was seamless. Thank you so much again Allyson and the whole team.

Mitch T

It was such a blessing to have found Rockwell Family Law. The proactive approach made me feel confident that my case would be handled with care. They were always available for questions and gave me straightforward advice that could understand. Thank you.

Michael Jones

Why Choose Rockwell Family Law

Services we offer
Mediation success rate

98% success rate with outcomes within the range initially advised to the client.

Trials success rate

99% success rate with outcomes within the range advised to the client.

Exceptional Results

Get the right outcome for your life setup and structure.

Settle out of court

We offer a mediation first approach, and where possible, try to settle before court becomes a requirement.

Dignified Solutions

We understand the sensitive issues that come with Family Law, Estate Planning and more.

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Urgent Go To Court Service

We also offer an urgent go to court service. We can do this more successfully than most family law firms because we offer a solicitor advocacy solution. If you are due in court soon and you haven’t filed your court documents or for any reason whatsoever, we can help you when it comes to preparing for your court event or hearing urgently and representing you at that hearing. Our staff are known to work all night in order to make this possible for people.

Solicitor Advocacy

With more than 20 years experience in solicitor advocacy, Allyson has been appearing in court advocating for her clients since 2001 and for family law clients, since 2003. She has conducted, successfully, many parenting and property trials and arbitrations.

A solicitor advocate, she can represent clients in a wider range of court events and courts than most solicitors. Rockwell Family Law is pleased to offer a Solicitor-Advocacy solution in many family law situations. This is a lower-cost option for people who cannot afford both a solicitor and a barrister to represent them at hearings. There is no loss of excellence of service or results. Each case will be judged on its facts and the evidence before the Court.

Our history

The team at Rockwell Family law has provided exceptional Family Law services and Estate Planning for over 20 years.

A joint venture between Allyson and founder of the Rockwell Law Group, Mr Adam Levine, RFL was created after they discovered they shared a strong foundation and belief on what Family Law can do to help people.

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